Mom & Baby

A 4 hour Event in Orlando, FL

April 27, 2019

1 Day – 4 Hour Event

-Learn more about the Mom & Baby Connection

-Proper breastfeeding hygiene + milk production

-How to restore your body postpartum

-Find out nutrition for you & your baby’s Body Types

-Receive specialized food matrix for your Body Types

-Increase energy production through food

-Find out which adulterants do not support physiological function

As a bonus, you will receive 2 FREE 15-minute consults with the Body Type System expert Jiao Shi to identify Mom & Baby’s Body Types.  They will be used to personalize your workshop trainings.
*Want to add on additional family members? No problem!  Extra fees apply.

1 Day of Learning, a Lifetime of Understanding

Pricing Breakdown

  • A 4 hour Event – Regularly $200

  • Navigating Nutrition Subscription (Post Class) – Regularly $200

  • TypeMe Community (Post Class) – Regularly $513

*Bonus 2 – 15 Minute Body Type Me Consult – Regularly $150

Total Value $1063

Show Special $450 ( a savings of $613)


  • The information is timeless and valuable. Having the tools to reset yourself and the correct food choices is amazing…It is a path worth walking!

  • Let me tell you a little about my story. Last Spring I found myself exhausted and worn out. Although I was eating real food that is known to be good for people, I was feeling really crappy (sorry for the descriptive term). I decided to go to a regular (medical) doctor and see if I could find some help and direction to improve my health (may I add, I am a 61 year old woman!). Fortunately, The Franz Center is now seeing adults, so I could go to the same doctor’s office where my grandchildren go. It was recommended that I have my Nutritional Body Typing done and come to find out, I was eating foods that my body could not process. What a difference this has made!!! Upon receiving the new information about what foods my body actually needs, I immediately changed my way of eating. I learned what to cut out of my diet and what to add lots of to my diet. Nutritional Body Typing along with other lifestyle changes has brought me back to a place of health and happiness. In fact, our entire family of 14 people, has now been body typed. I highly recommend taking the extra step for yourself and your family’s well being.

    E. C.
  • My son Austin’s health has improved much just from his food intake that has created more energy, focus, etc.

  • It’s been a 100 days I started : I feel less tired, have more energy, no more issues digesting, and I’m way more healthier than before. It’s a relief to know I found a way of eating that’s feeding perfectly to my body’s needs.

    Nicolas R.
  • Thank you so much for meeting with us last night. That was incredible interesting. Dr. Polite totally blew my mind. This is a totally different way of approaching nutrition and it definitely seems like it matches our daughter. I was impressed. We are definitely going to do the 100 day diet for her and see how it helps her stomach. Thank you again! Thank you again for your help and guidance in our health journeys. I really appreciate your expertise and wisdom you’ve gained from Chinese medicine. It’s refreshing compared to the doctors we’ve interacted with recently.

  • The radish cucumber salad is great. I also really like the fruit sour cream. So …”make it fun” – well thanks to this community it is now really fun! The support is so appreciated and the recipes are so good. I am one of those who is not all that creative in the kitchen and make the same thing …a lot…so this is wonderful, helpful, appreciated, FUN, delicious, and just makes me feel happy when I am in the kitchen. Thank you.

  • Just body typed my daughter and it’s made a huge difference! Going to do me next!

    Desiree R.
  • Lucas' longstanding bowel issues were resolved immediately based on the recommendations! I was expecting it to take 7 days at the very least, but it only took 12 hours. His day care teachers as well as our family are ecstatic! Words cannot express our amazement and gratitude! Please feel free to use me or my email as a reference for others in any way, at any time.


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