February 15, 2019, Orlando, FL – Dr. Susan Cornelia Franz of The Franz Center was honored at the 2019 Florida Homeopathic Society three-day conference in Orlando, Florida.

During the Friday evening reception, Dr. Franz was recognized for her work of promoting, offering educational classes and using homeopathic remedies at The Franz Center, her integrative pediatric practice, located in Downtown Orlando.

“I am truly honored that the Florida Homeopathic Society chose to honor me this year,” says Dr. Franz. “I have practiced homeopathy for many years, and have seen amazing results in my patients. I want to thank the Florida Homeopathic Society for honoring me and my staff at The Franz Center.”

About The Franz Center

The Franz Center is a cutting edge pediatric practice, providing traditional and alternative medicine for children and adults. The practice offers a combination of conventional pediatric care and a holistic/whole-body approach to health through a variety of healing methods; including, but not limited to, homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbal supplementation, mind/body medicine and nutrition as medicine.

You can learn more about Dr. Franz and The Franz Center at: thefranzcenter.com

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