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Q: Do you have any general tips for the holidays?

Ans: Yes I do.

  1. Eat well. Overeating causes misery.
  2. If you know your Body Type- stick to your diet during the holidays. The price you pay if you eat what is not beneficial to you is generally not worth it.
  3. Keep poisonous plants away from pets and children.
  4. If you have a live tree and suddenly have more respiratory problems in the family- it could sadly be the live tree.
  5. On Thanksgiving we had a surge of physical injuries- so KNOW where your children are and what they are doing.
  6. Small children  will be happy with the boxes and wrapping paper.
  7. Ideas I learned form other parents:
    1. One family  limited gifts to three per person…..teaching  their children that Jesus only received three gifts-A lovely value to be passed on.
    2. Another mom told me that she never labeled gifts. They all opened them and then she allowed the children to give to each other- knowing who liked what. A lovely idea on giving.
  8. Do your best not to stress. it is meant to be a giving time of year. Face time is an awesome tool for seeing everyone when you don’t have the time or energy to drive.
  9. Drink lots of water- stay hydrated.
  10. Remember Dairy causes mucous production…
  11. Be sure you have Air and Open Air  teas on hand.
  12. ENJOY. We need to have FUN. Laugh, Play, and love each other.

We love helping you improve the health of your family.

Dr Franz

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