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“I have Croopy Cough, Breathe Again, and Immun-A-Tea. I love them. I used Croopy Cough in January when I had the flu and it stopped the night time cough.”

“I love the products. I gave them to all my kids and noticed much shorter duration in the URI and they also provided symptomatic relief. Will continue to order more products.”

“I was really sick with headache for 2 weeks, sore throat on and off, then muscle aches and weakness. I also had such extreme fatigue. My Covid test was negative. I used Air, then Open Air when I had a fever, and I felt better within minutes of each dose. I would be up a creek if I did not have these teas.”

My oldest son is vaccinated and has asthma. Using the teas, he has not needed an inhaler in 6 months. Once he took Croopy Cough instead of his inhaler and it STOPPED the cough.

My allergies are gone since I went on my Body Type diet and have taken the teas. We use them all the time and we are staying healthy because of them.

Since using the Immun-a Tea once a month and the salt room, and some supplements, my son’s asthma is gone. No nebulizer in 4 months

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