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Question: Would you recommend a parent to “boost” his/her child’s immune system before a vaccine and a “detox” after?  If so, what would you recommend? (Garlic? Turmeric? Ginger? Avocado? Coconut oil? Epsom salt baths? Probiotics?)


ANS: We recommend using homeopathic Silica and ledum at the time of the vaccines.  You can also boost the immune system by using AIR tea twice a day for 7-10 days before a vaccine.  Natures Sunshine makes vaccination detox which is good.  Also cracked chlorella can be helpful as it binds heavy metals.  Epsom salt baths are useful any time to help detox, as is Bentonite clay.

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  • Nicole

    I’m not sure how to start a new topic post but I have a question about your 10 shot delayed schedule. If someone wanted to be even more selective but not totally abstain, What would you recommend as the top 5 most necessary vaccines from your alternative list? For example, which diseases would be the most severe that you would want to avoid because the illnesses are likely to be more dangerous than the risks of vaccine side effects?