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Q: What is the Diatherix test

Ans: The Diatherix is a great test- it is PCR (polymerase chain reaction or DNA) testing.

There are numerous panels we can run and each one looks at multiple bacteria and viruses. This is an exciting new tool and we can identify more respiratory viruses than ever before. We have found, for example, Rhinovirus, Coronavirus, RSV, Bocavirus, Metapneumovirus, Flu, and several bacteria.- all exciting to us- maybe not to you. Because it is DNA it s not affected by antibiotics like a culture is.

Besides identifying what is specifically causing your child’s illness, it helps us identify trends in the community and we can learn as well that some viruses make one sicker or less sick than we previously thought. It can make the difference on whether or not to use antibiotics .

We are excited to have the availability of this test at The Franz Center.


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