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Today is a bonus.I have three great questions.

Q1. Do you recommend the Amber Necklace for teething?

Ans 1: YES I do. While I have not researched them I have asked numerous parents do they feel they work and the answer is yes. The amber helps neutralize acidity in the body and does help with teething discomfort. Most parents have discovered it works when they take it off and forget to put it back on, then the child is fussy and calms when the necklace is put back on.

Q2. Retracting penis in boys not circumcised, should it be done or not?

Ans2. This answer can go either way. Yes it should be gently retracted as far as it will go with no forcing. This is the practice most pediatricians will take as the foreskin can get a collection of white cheesy sloughed skin and it is easy to gently clean. Once the child is 3 yeas old, nature begins to lyse the adhesions holding the foreskin and the child can begin to more assertively pull back his own skin (granted many times parents do need to assist). it should not be forced. Pull it back daily as far as it will go and keep doing it until it retracts fully.

Q3. How do you administer Air Tea to an infant, the bottle says mix in 4 oz

Ans 3. Give it straight in a syringe. That is easiest and best. For children who are gifted at spitting it back, then put it in 2 tsp warm water and put in a drink they like (a small amount of drink- like a shot glass size). parents can also put a few drops in everything they eat and drink during the day until reach the total daily dose.


Great questions. Thank tyou for asking. we love helping improve the health of your family.
Dr Franz


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