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Q: My child has had a lot of colds and ear infections. We saw the specialist and he said our son needs ear tubes. Is there anything we can do before we go that route?


We  have had great results in preventing PE tube insertion with recurrent ear infections by doing a few simple things.

  1. Stop all dairy and gluten. this alone will lead to improvement about 85% of the time.
  2. Chiropractic and Craniosacral therapy have also produced amazing results by mobilizing fluid in the ears and getting it to drain.
  3. Allergy testing can help.
  4. Make an appointment with us…we do have enhanced treatment protocols that also can help prevent the insertion of tubes.
  5. Body typing through Chinese medicine can help immensely. For more info check out YPE/Free Talk. You will love it.

We love helping improve the health of your family.

Have a great weekend.

Dr Franz


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