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Q: I have a question about a delayed vaccine schedule. If someone wanted to be even more selective but not totally abstain, What would you recommend as the top 5 most necessary vaccines from your alternative list? For example, which diseases would be the most severe that you would want to avoid because the illnesses are likely to be more dangerous than the risks of vaccine side effects?


Ans: Great Question with multiple levels of answers.

  1. We support what parents want to do first of all.
  2. My research indicates that the side effects of vaccine ingredients are additive and cumulative so none are really risk free…and to answer your quesion on the illnesses,meningitis still is the worst. By waiting til 15 months to get the HIB vaccine- you need one instead of 4 vaccines and the side effects are generally minimal to none. Same for the Prevnar- wait until 2 and give one instead of four. Immune response is good from one vaccine at that age.
  3. Breast feeding also offers immune protection.
  4. You can also do a vaccine and then check the response two months later with a blood test so that can also help reduce total number of vaccines overall when we can show a good response after a vaccine.
  5. Some parents may have had experience with relatives with Polio or measles, whooping cough or some other illness for which we have a vaccine and so they may feel that one particular vaccine is more important based on experience. We respect that.
  6. We also know that the immune system is strong and is capable of fighting off illnesses when nourished so good food, balanced lifestyle, and lots of water can help boost its function making one less susceptible to illness overall.
  7. If you have more questions, I teach on vaccines regularly so you are welcome to attend in person or via webinar. Check the calendar page on the website. We can also answer more questions in an office visit.

Great question

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